Within BIM4Housing, we are establishing this Black Box culture, inviting people with deep understanding of individual asset types, the systems they form part of and the inter-relationship of systems, to join with other experts to better understand how we can mitigate (not eliminate) risks.

We’ve developed a knowledge-capture methodology whereby 20 or so experts contribute their experience and ideas on individual asset types and systems, followed by virtual Round Table workshops where they spend a couple of hours discussing and debating solutions that can make buildings safer and perform more effectively.

When L&Q/MHCLG formed the Golden Thread Initiative as a cross-disciplinary industry initiative to create guidance, I was asked to Chair the Asset and Survey Information Working Group. As a result, the outcomes of these BIM4Housing workshops are being fed back to the GTI Working Group.

The following reports are the outputs from that Round Table process.

Recommendations on the Essential Underpinnings to Strengthen the Golden Thread: